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Starting a new career isn't easy, but it doesn't have to be difficult either. Begin your search with a simple and effective Career Quiz assessment
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Whether you’re looking to start, change, or advance your career, our Career Quiz unites your skills, interests, and experience with concrete opportunities. No matter your journey, we simplify your shift with actionable, personalized results for you to explore deeper.

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We enable and empower job seekers to find the right opportunities and tools to help them succeed.

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After completing our Career Exploration assessment, you get access to:

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Your career ambitions shape the results of our Career Exploration assessment.

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No matter your current skills or experience, we can help you open the door to a career in the tech industry, and enhance your current skillset with in-demand skills.
What inspired me most about coding was seeing the impact that one person can make using only their computer.
Angelina Tsuboi

Why us

Welcome to CompTIA! We’re the best place to help you explore, launch, and succeed in a tech career. You found us at the right time, as tech skills are in demand in almost every industry!

Our impact is far-reaching: Our affordable training solutions help over one million people every year.
We kickstart tech careers: 91% of customers agree that CompTIA helps start and advance careers in tech job roles
Education and skill growth, wherever you’re at: From community colleges, to online universities and training providers, we enable professional growth and lifestyle satisfaction at your convenience.
Our training drives real-world career results: 95% of users are satisfied with their experience with CompTIA.
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